Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fat bike, skinny dog, wide beach

During our last ride touring the dry Deschutes County back country, Donnie and I had been talking about riding fat bikes. Down the canal, on the beach, through the sand dunes and on the Alvord Desert.

As usual, he beat me to it last weekend. So instead of riding where he rode, I traveled one beach further north on the Pacific coast, between the towns of North Cove and Westport, Washington.

Perhaps my least practical but most fun bike, the Surly Pugsley, is the perfect beach bike. My dog, Penny, is also the perfect companion for this sort of slow, all-day, overnight adventure.

Where it begins at North Cove

It's always strange to see what washes up on the beach. There were at least a dozen wooden picture frames scattered about. This one apparently had a bit of life left in it.

20 minutes into the ride- a beer break

View looking out at the jetty

Not quite sure what this structure was all about, but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with a bag of mushrooms and some 4 Loco

This fishing boat had a cool face painted on the front. As I took the photo, a sea lion surfaced with a fish flopping out of it's mouth.

We arrived at the north end of the beach with the sun plenty high in the sky. We had already scoped out our camping spot in the bushes, so it was all relaxation until sunset. A couple big cans of beer and my flask of Bushmills was just perfect.

With camp all set up, we went back to the beach to bark at the moon

This bush camping spot was pretty sweet. Totally in the woods, a block from the beach, nobody around, and drinking water to be poached nearby. Aside from the mosquitoes, it was perfect.

Finishing up the ride on day 2, with around 32 miles for the round trip. Penny still had some zip in her stride, but was asleep within two minutes of getting back to the car for the drive home.

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