Monday, October 21, 2013

Fatbiking the Christmas Valley Dunes in Oregon

Forget the dreamy sounding name of Christmas Valley, this part of the world is what most people describe as high desert. Scrub sage, jackrabbits, hay farms and lava fields abound. It's located straight east of a little volcano named Mt Mazama (aka Crater Lake) that blew it's top 7,700 years ago. The vast sand dunes are remnants of the 12 cubic miles of ash and pumice debris that was launched from the explosion. These are the largest inland shifting sand dunes in the Pacific Northwest, and they are perfect for all-day fatbike rides.

Special thanks to Donnie for getting us there and for Moonlander, the coolest bike I've ever owned

GPS tracks here

Day 1- Full sun, full moon

Day 2- Sunrise, moonset over camp

Random vertebra

Old homesteader shack

Everybody likes kitties!

The moonrise was amazing

Day 3- Volcanoes and cracks in the ground