Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tygh Valley and Dalles Mtn- Fatbike weekend

Donnie, Alan and I had a free weekend, so we opted for the best weather within a couple hours of Portland, which happened to be 90 minutes east, in dry country.

Park n ride at the town of Friend, Oregon, near Tygh Valley. We scored on day 1 with 50 F degrees and sunny conditions.

Beer break

 Into the White River National Wildlife area we go

 Deer spike on the trail

Whiskey break- one of many

While we had great weather, just a short distance away towards Mt.Hood, it was snowing like crazy

Inside an old schoolhouse

Trusty old Pug

Day 2- We had a trace amount of snow overnight, which highlighted the trail a bit

 Dalles Mountain area, on the Washington side of the Columbia river gorge

All total on the weekend- 1 herd of 20 elk, 6 bald eagles, a deer antler, a bunch of whiskey, two breakfasts at Burgerville, two nights in tents while in the low 20's.

Day 2 ride profile not listed- we might have been trespassing