Sunday, April 18, 2010

Portland To The Coast Off-Road- The Plan

Back in the late 1990's while working at a bike shop here in Portland, Oregon, some of my coworkers would come back from a four-day weekend, during which they rode their touring bikes to the coast and back. Seeing how calm, happy and satisfied they were afterward, and hearing their stories of what they saw along the way was really a catalyst for making me want to explore well beyond the city and without the use of a car to get me there. The idea of riding bikes to the coast has festered inside of me since then, only I want to ride it off-road.

There simply isn't a guide book or mountain bike trail map telling you where to go. I've had to dig up Oregon State Forest recreation maps, Bureau of Land Management maps, Oregon State ATV/OHV maps, Oregon Department of Forestry maps, USGS service road maps, and have even purchased the National Geographic TOPO software showing detailed maps of the entire state of Oregon. How could I possibly get lost?

There will be a series of blog postings here entitled "Portland To The Coast- Off-Road..." that will be the cumulative excursions and reconnaissance rides I've taken to link up a complete ride from the city of Portland to the Pacific coast of Oregon, off-road.

In addition to this, I'll cover the general adventures and happenings while riding a bike in this incredible part of the world, the Pacific Northwest.

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  1. Follow the Salmon River HWY to Lincoln City next time. Mostly downhill all paved...but then what fun would that be?! Wish I could join you man.